Vitamin B12 Injections


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Vitamin B12 Injections are certainly more in demand as people become aware of the many health related benefits, as well as the link between a lack of Vit B12 and various associated ailments or illnesses. Vitamin B12 Injections are by far the best way of rapidly boosting and maintaining your levels – having an almost instant and ongoing impact on your wellbeing.

Vitamin B12 is vital for the adequate functioning of our digestive system, as well as defending us against harmful viruses and bacteria. Vitamin B12 deficiencies impact the way in which the body uses valuable energy. Therefore stress, fatigue and ‘brain fog’ as well as reduced physical stamina are common side effects of a lack of Vitamin B12.

Using vitamin B12 injections has become more common for treating these types of conditions – as well as issues including dementia and panic disorder – over the past twenty years. Additionally the recent rise in the number of people choosing to become vegan has made B12 injections even more popular than ever as a method of preventing potential deficiencies in their diet.



Peachy Acupuncture and Peachy Holistic have been going for 7 years. We are an established holistic clinic in Crouch End, N8 with an excellent reputation locally and in the wider North London area. We already provide acupuncture, TuiNa remedial massage, fire cupping and other chinese medicine treatment protocols. We recently added Thai Oil Massage with Kung, our fantastic Thai born and trained therapist.


To add to our offering we have now included Vitamin B12 injections. Rita Shamia, the founder of Peachy is fully trained and insured to offer B12 shots, so you’re in good hands.


Vitamin B12 Shots at the Peachy Clinic, Crouch End

Peachy is now offering Vitamin B12 shots at our Crouch End clinic and will be doing clinic pop ups throughout London.


Vitamin B12 Shots at your workplace (London only)

We’re also able to come to your workplace and provide B12 shots to your workforce.


Vitamin B12 Shots at mobile Pop Up Clinics

Are you a clinic or salon owner. Would you like your clients to benefit from B12 Shots? Get in touch to organise a pop up clinic.


Contact us to book your B12 Shot. 

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