Alongside information about your medical history, questions will include those about your lifestyle, diet and emotional health. Please ensure you tell the acupuncturist about any serious health issues you may have. You may find some questions slightly unusual: such as your preferences for hot or cold food or whether you experience headaches during the day or at night. Be assured this helps the acupuncturist to reach an accurate diagnosis.

 Looking at the tongue.

The tongue provides a great deal of information about your health. Prior to any treatment, it is advisable not to drink anything that might change the colour of the tongue (tea/coffee/juices). It’s also preferable that you don’t scrape or clean your tongue 24 hours before.

 Reading the pulse

In Chinese medicine, reading of pulse (or pulses) is paramount in reaching a diagnosis. The acupuncturist will place the tips of three fingers along the radial artery and read the pulse at three levels of pressure. They will be looking at the rate, quality and intensity of the pulse at each place, and level.

 Observing the face

Your complexion, eyes and lips are also indicators of your health.