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We would like to assure our patients that we are taking stringent steps to prevent infections and cross contamination at the clinic.

We therefore request that if you are concerned you may have picked up a cold/fever/cough or are at all unwell, or have travelled from an infectious area in the past two weeks, let us know with as much notice as possible and do not attend the clinic. This is to protect us, and all our patients so we all remain in peachy health.

We are instituting the following health and safety procedures and protocols.

Health and Safety Protocols


–All therapists to wash hands with soap before and after treatment, and use hand sanitizer during treatment

-Therapists may choose to wear masks only as a precaution

-Therapists may wear latex gloves for certain treatments (please inform us if you are allergic)

-We request all patients to wash hands with soap before and after treatment

-Supply single use paper towels to dry hands

-Supply paper tissues

-Supply plastic/paper/polystyrene cups for filtered drinking water (recyclable if available)

-Supply hand sanitisers in each room

-Weekly deep clean

-Sanitise door handles, counter tops and equipment

-Wipe down treatment couches with hospital grade bacterial wipes between patients

-Use single use paper couch roll to completely cover face holes and pillows

-No longer use cupping, guasha and bleeding as we will not be able to sterilize between treatments


Thank you for your continued cooperation and support.

Rita, Andy and Kung