An Acupuncture Convert… Sciatica, Migraine, UTI

Emma initially came to see me for a TuiNa massage as she had had it previously and loved it. Following a consultation and diagnosis, it became clear that she would also benefit from acupuncture as she was suffering from sciatica, migraines and urinary tract inflammation that didn’t seem to respond to any other treatment.


The wonderful thing about acupuncture is its versatility; it can treat numerous issues at the same time. Emma was unsure initially but after some reassurance, went ahead, and never looked back.



Emma’s story:


I had a tuina massage for the first time in 2020 and it was amazing. I felt like a different person afterwards. I had, however, been anxious about acupuncture because I was worried, erroneously, about DVT.


I’d had migraines for the past five years and, more recently, some form of sciatica. Also something cystitis/UTI like that was very painful.


Since starting acupuncture, the sciatica has greatly improved, as has the UTI inflammation. In fact, both seem to have stopped causing me pain. Also, I’ve only had two migraines since I started my treatment, which is great as I usually have two a month.


The acupuncture, for sure, has been the most effective. Am a complete convert. Rita is an amazing practitioner and the clinic is lovely. Already recommended her to others!


Emma D