Priscilla and Myles’ Stories – Hay Fever and Allergic Rhinitis

Priscilla’s only experience of experience of acupuncture was 10 years ago when her GP recommended it as a way to manage carpal tunnel syndrome in her wrists that occurred during her pregnancy. She returned to acupuncture for her hay fever.


She’d been suffering from hay fever for many years. It had become worse in the last three to four years, getting to a point where she would wake up at 3 or 4 in the morning wheezing. Her eyes would be so itchy she had to sleep with a damp flannel on them, use lavender water to wipe her face, and take antihistamines, which made her sluggish. It made Spring a difficult season to enjoy.


Read about Priscilla’s experience:

Well what I can say but MASSIVE DIFFERENCE. Just as the Spring season started I made an appointment to sort this out. After the first treatment, things seem to improve. My eyes didn’t water as much and while I had a slight cough, I didn’t feel as if I was suffering. By the second, my nose didn’t itch, my eyes never watered and by the third session, when Spring sprung and the pollen count was HIGH (I used to dread that) ….. NOTHING. I slept through the early mornings when the flowers shot pollen into the air. I woke up rested. I sniffed around the flowering trees and NOTHING. This is the first Spring in many years I haven’t felt awful and I am enjoying it.


The clinic was an island of calm. Rita is a great practitioner. She is straightforward, honest, compassionate and all in all great company, especially if you’re particularly squeamish about needles (like me). I have full confidence in her.


Now I would pretty much go up to anyone who sneezed, ask if they have hay fever and then recommend acupuncture.

Priscilla, Crouch End


Myles was my youngest client, and probably the bravest, given he was only 8 when his mother Marcia brought him along for a treatment during another awful Spring where his eyes were horribly red and itchy and his nose permanently congested. To say he was frightened would be an understatement, but I fortunately have a special tool that pops the smallest needles around the ear so fast, the brain doesn’t register it at all. Pretty much guaranteed pain-free and therefore perfect for children (and a few adults too).


Understandably, Myles still hated the idea of any needles even though it didn’t actually hurt, but persevered as his symptoms reduced week on week. Further inducements included playing his favourite music artiste (Gregory Porter) and giving him a foot massage! I saw him for about 3 or 4 sessions by which time he was able to get on with his very active social and sporting life.


ps: extra foot massage only available to 8 year olds!


Hear from Myles’ mother, Marcia:

I wanted to say a big ‘Thank You’ to you Rita. You’ve helped my son survive the summer with your acupuncture treatment. It was never going to be easy showing an 8 year old boy needles, but your patience, calm yet fun demeanour really helped to settle his nerves. The best thing of course is that IT WORKED!!!!! We were able to reduce the mountain of medication he’d been taken and really enjoy outside activities. My only regret is not finding you sooner to start the treatment earlier in the season. A lesson learnt for next year.


Myles’ mum, Marcia


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